Low Season Rate per night. Period: 01.09. - 31.05.

630 EUR

High Season Rate per night. Period: 01.06 - 31.08.

1210 EUR



Sq. m

73 m 2




Ah, France! The land of ancient castles, elitist wines and exquisite cuisine. France entices and seduces just like a real enchantress. One wants to come back to this beautiful country over and over again...

The suite “France” is the largest in the hotel. Style and luxury are present in each and every detail. The stylish furniture of the style of the epoch of Louis XIV, silk embroidered cushions, counterpanes of gold color, elegant lamps, the mirror in golden frame, the flowing down curtains, the splendid and stylish fireplace. A lot of paintings in golden frames depicting the shores of the French Nice, Paris, Montmartre.

Everything creates the atmosphere of holiday and luxurious comfort. The unique theme of the guestroom is accentuated by the coffee table of the ХVII century in the form of a chest and the chess table, the hand-made chessman lined up in combat readiness.

There is a large bar counter in the guestroom. You can order a cook to the guestroom to prepare your favorite dishes in your presence. The bathroom is equipped with an enormous Jacuzzi, the bubbles of which give so much fabulous pleasure to share with someone special. In addition, there is a small steam bathroom/shower cubicle.

Total area of apartments - 73,2 m2.