Who We are?

Limited liability company, Reg.No.40003721918, legal address: Gulbenes 1a, Jurmala, LV-2015, Latvia.

Your privacy and reliance is important to Us

Our goal is to inform You clearly and understandably as far as possible about how and why We are using Your personal information.

Our goal is to let You feel safe when You are disclosing Your personal data.

Personal data is any information that can be used in order to identify an individual.

We are carrying out appropriate events, in order to ensure that Your personal data with Us are always safe, and that Your personal data processing operation would take place according to the existing legal act set in force, Our internal regulations.

It is important for Us to be transparent while processing Your personal data.

We are determined to protect Your personal information and observe confidentiality in anywhere what We do. This policy allows You to find out what kind of data We can acquire about You, how We will use it, and provide information about Your rights, and how You can get in touch with Us.

Sometimes We have to change Our privacy policy.

At this site will be published all changes, which, of course, are available to You at any time.

Which rank personal data We are gathering and why?

– Hotel's services provision

We are processing Your personal data in order to provide for You hotel services, including provision of accommodation. If You will not submit the necessary data, You will be unable to receive Our services. To Us are mandatory in law stated hotel duties, including the duty to identify Our client, namely to Us it is duty to designate whether You are that person for whom You are impersonating.
The personal data from the client registration forms We are storing for 2 years.

Personal data categories Legal basis
- Personal information (name, surname, personal code or birth date, citizenry (or nationality))
- Contact information (address, telephone number)
- Payment information if dealing with non-cash payment (payment card number and expiration date)
- Other information in order to ensure hotel services (for example, car registration number if hotel offers car parking services and if You use it)
Provision of the service
Electronic post address Your consent
Personal identification document (passport or ID card) data Our legal duty to identify clients

By utilizing Our services, You verify that Your denoted personal data are accurate and correct and that You have reached at least 18 years of age. We cannot guarantee provision of the service if You provide incorrect data.

• Video surveillance

Personal data categories Legal basis
Biometric data (face image) Our legitimate interest

Our employees and client vital interest,
including health and life protection

We are performing video surveillance and reprocessing Your personal data when You are situated on Our hotel's grounds, both for Your personal and Our employee, client and property safety purpose.
Video surveillance recordings in Our systems are stored up to 30 days.

- Advertisement/informative materials

After Your given consent We are informing You about different Our and third party's news and current events which We are delivering as advertisement and informative materials.

Personal data categories Legal base
- Personal information (name, surname)
- Contact information (place of residence, e-mail, mobile phone number)
Your consent

- Cookies

Cookies are small text files that are created and stored at Your as the Internet user's device (computer, tablet, mobile phone and etc.) while visiting Our Internet site. Cookies “remember” Your experience and basic information and thereby improve the comfort of Our Internet site usage.
By cookie usage been processed internet site usages historical data, diagnosed problems and faults at the sites activity, gathered habits of users, as well as provided complete and convenient functionality of the site.
If You do not want to permit to use cookies, You can interrupt it by using Your Internet browser settings, however in that case Our Internet site usage can be disturbed and interfered.
Stored cookie deletion is possible in Your device in Internet browser setting section, erasing stored cookie history.

Personal data categories Legal basis
Internet site user's preferences, habit statistics Your consent (Internet browser configuration)

Which sources from We are gathering data?

- You

We are gathering personal data provided by You, which You are providing Us before Our services are ensured as well as when You visiting Our hotel territory (video surveillance) or Our homepage (applying for advertisement and informative material receiving).

- Cooperation partners

If You will do Our service ordering through Our co-operation partners (for example,, tour agents, operators), from those co-operation partners we will obtain data in order to provide Our services delivery to You.

To whom We transfer Your data?

- Service providers and co-operation partners

In order to fulfill our obligations towards You, We transfer Your personal data to companies who provide services to Us, for example, in order to make reservation of accommodation. We carefully check on all service providers who on Our behalf and errands process Your data. We evaluate whether co-operation partners (processors of personal data) apply corresponding safety measures that Your personal data processing would occur according Our goals, precepts, instructions and requirements of the law. These companies are not entitled to use Your personal data for some other purposes.

- Law enforcement agencies

In order to fulfill the obligations of the law, We can transfer Your personal data to law enforcement agencies (for example, police), as well as state and local government institutions at their request. We can transfer Your personal data also to law enforcement agencies (for example, courts), as well as state and local government institutions, in order to protect Our legal interests by compiling, tendering and maintaining legal requirements.

Personal data transference outside the European Union and European Economic zone (EU/EEZ)

We always are striving to process Your personal data at European Union and European Economic zone territory. Your personal data are not processed in country which is located outside EU/EEZ, in order to insure Your selected service.
Personal data devolution and processing outside EU/EEZ may happen if it has a legal basis that is in order to fulfill the duty of the law to occlude or effectuate agreements according to Your consent or in others narrow defined particular cases.

How long Your personal data are stored?

All the data gathered from You are kept that long whilst You do not revoke Your approval that Your personal has been processed on that basis.
Longer personal data storage duration can be acceptable in order to accomplish requirements of the law about document or information storage minimal term or either to protect Our legitimate interests.
When this term is over, We will erase Your personal data in a safe manner or make them unavailable (archiving), or either unidentifiable so that they can no longer be associated with You.

How We protect Your personal data?

We provide, constantly reviewing and improving protection measures in order to protect Your personal data from unauthorized access, accidental loss, disclosure or destruction.
In order to implement it, We applying contemporary technology, technical and organizational requirements, including – use of firewall, antivirus program.
However, We recommend You observe general computer and Internet usage safety regulations, as well as Your private data (especially ID confirming document) protection and storing requirements, and We will not take responsibility about unauthorized access to Your personal data and /or loss of data if it happened due to Your fault or negligence.

Your rights

Normative regulation in the field of data protection grants You several rights in order to influence Your personal data processing.

Access to personal data

You have rights to demand confirmation from Us, or We process Your personal data, and in such cases to demand access to personal data which We reprocess about You, or else to issue information about personal data if direct access provision is not provided.

Personal data amendment

If You consider that information about You is incorrect or incomplete, You have rights to request from Us to correct it.

Withdrawal of consent

As far as We process Your personal data based on Your consent, You have rights to withdraw Your consent at any time about personal data processing for promotional purposes.

Objection against processing based on legitimate interests

You have rights against personal data processing that We do based on Our legal interests. However We will continue to process Your data even then if You will be against data processing on that We do based on Our legal interests. However We will continue to process Your data even then if You will be against that if We will have convincing motivated reasons to continue processing personal data. In order to realize above mentioned rights, please submit Us application in written form.

- Erasing

At certain conditions You have rights to ask Us to erase Your personal data, however that is not applicable in cases when law demands from Us to store the data. In order to fulfill previously mentioned rights, please submit Us an application in written form.

- Processing restrictions

At certain conditions You have rights to restrict Your personal data processing. Please, would You take into Your consideration that in case if You demand that Your data procession has to be limited that cant interfere Your ability to receive Our services. In order to fulfill the rights previously mentioned, please submit Us an application in written form.

- Data transfer

Finally, You have rights to receive or to give Your personal data further to other data manager. These rights include only those data which You have given Us based on Your consent or agreement, as well as if they processing has been done automatically. In order to fulfill the rights previously mentioned, please submit Us an application in written form.

With whom I can get in touch if I have some questions?

If You have any questions about Your personal data processing, please, get in touch with Us.
If You are not satisfied about received answer, You have rights to submit complaint at the Data State Inspection (


Data Manager contact information

SIA “Light House Jurmala”

Address: Gulbenes 1A, Jūrmala, LV-2015


Info phone: +371 67511445