Low Season Rate per night. Period: 01.09. - 31.05.

315 EUR

High Season Rate per night. Period: 01.06 - 31.08.

550 EUR



Sq. m

30 m 2




Indonesia: uniformity in diversity. The country of thousands of islands, smoking volcanoes, ancient temples and unique culture. The country of two oceans, two hemispheres and two civilizations.

The interior of the guestroom “Indonesia” is based upon contrasts. The light, delicate wicker furniture made of watery hyacinth looks stylishly, expensively and attractively. The bright orange bed cover reminds of the hot southern sun, the tender picturesque batik cloth depicting Indonesian beauties on the light colored walls, Indian elephants on the pillows...

In the bathroom, as if a reflection of the sun-lit guestroom, are the bright orange tiles that instantly create the great mood. Psychologists have noticed a long time ago that the orange color is the color of perfect bliss and warmth, which delights the eye and creates the great mood in any weather.

Total area of apartments - 30,0 m2.